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Heike Walker

I discovered the Alexander Technique in dance classes and in 1994 began taking lessons in the technique. After years of private lessons and completion of my masters in Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen, Germany, I entered a three year full-time training course (1600 hours) in the Alexander Technique in Berlin with Dan Armon graduating in 2002. Since then I have worked in my private practice and have given classes and workshops in the Alexander Technique.

Besides working as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique, I studied at the Academy for Health Practitioners in Berlin. I am now a registered and certified Health Practitioner as recognized by the German Department of Health. Moreover, I studied Therapeutic Foot Reflexology at the Hanne Marquard School, receiving the certificate for Foot Reflexology in June 2008.

I recently immigrated to Canada, and I am now living in the countryside of Langley, BC, with my husband and children.

I am a member of the Canadian Society of the Teachers of the Alexander Technique (CanSTAT) and of the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC).


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